Christmas Sunday Fun (Reading 2021)

A longer, perhaps more involved Christmas update next week (or, I forget about it and we go into 2021 with broken promises from the off, which sounds more likely), but as a Boxing Day Christmas Sunday special, here’s a list of the books I read in 2021. Well, most of them. Things without ISBN numbers aren’t included, and you can mentally add “almost everything John Smith did at 2000AD, plus a bunch of other comics” as well.

Highlights of the list? As you can probably tell, I went deep on M. John Harrison’s work this year — I’d definitely recommend the Settling The World collection of short stories, or the post-Brexit The Sunken Land Begins To Rise Again novel as starting points - much easier to get hold of than some of the out-of-print books I’ve spent the year tracking down. Eliza Clark’s Boy Parts was so compelling that I stayed up until 3am one night finishing it (always a great idea). And the finale of David Peace’s Tokyo Trilogy was so long in coming that it was a complete surprise to be a pretty straight-forward affair, with only a few echoes of “At home, at Anfield” in the text1. Now, if only he’d finish UKDK.

(and there are a few classics that I should have read many years ago. At least I understood this week’s Necromancer discourse on Twitter having finally knocked that one out)

Hope you all had a great Christmas, and see you back here later in the week2!

  1. see Red or Dead for just the most amazing list of football fixtures you’re likely to see in novel form. ↩︎

  2. Honest! ↩︎