All The Books

There’s absolutely no way I can keep this pace up, but as we come to the end of January, it turns out that I’ve read 81 books in the past 31 days (and probably around 10 deep learning papers on top of that). I guess the Winter nights have seen me head back to the bookshelves (as I write this, the snow is coming down in big clumps). I would like to put something together like for what books I get through during 2021, but you can’t get an API key for Goodreads anymore. So I’ll just keep a list instead.

(and yes, I’m already trying to work out where the next set of bookcases will go. My end goal is something like Eco’s, naturally.)

We finished It’s A Sin this week! Cheery! Although I did enjoy the parts where I had to pause and explain Isla St. Clair, Larry Grayson, the Generation Game, and other bits and pieces of 80s Britain along the way. And although I knew it was coming, seeing this advert again brought back childhood terrors:

(One thing you can say about Britain is that we used to know how to make Public Information Films that would instil the Fear of God in children across the land)

Anyway, good series; I feel that knowing that RTD planned it as an eight-part series hurts it a little — things feel a little too compressed at times, and I think the dropped plan for the final episode (which would have brought Jill into the present day) would have rounded things off better than cutting the story in the early 90s. Or maybe I just wanted it to end on a bit more of a happier note.

And I think that’s it for this week. Next week should see at least one experiment up on the blog. Maybe two if I can summon up a little more effort to get motivated than I normally do these days. A dark Winter indeed…

  1. When I started this entry last night, the figure was at 7. Then I stayed up to 2am reading Piranesi from start to finish. I may be slightly regretting not splitting it out over two days this morning. [return]