Sunday Evening Sad

Well, it finally happened. I’ve slipped into self-parody, and I watched the first episode of Last Of The Summer Wine this week. And you know…it wasn’t bad? Including a few gags that you’d be a little surprised to find going at 20:30 today, let alone in 1973.

(I also made it through two episodes of The Owl Service, which I liked…but dear God, some of the costume choices must have been questionable for a children’s show in 1969, surely? Alison doesn’t wear trousers or a skirt for the entire length of episode one. Just a little awkward)

Continuing a theme, though, I would like to register a complaint about my situation in this country. Why is American cling film so bad? It doesn’t stay in the box, the the cutters don’t really cut…and it doesn’t stick to anything except itself. It somehow manages to fail at everything. And this isn’t just me fondly remembering British cling film with a ‘halcyon days’ filter, as I have a roll of it here too — and it just works as you’d expect. Except I have to ration it as I won’t be getting extra supplies any time soon. I just don’t understand how the equivalent is just so bad here, across all types and brands.

I have watched three men in a tin boat and I’m complaining about cling film. Yep, I’m definitely in my 40s now. Also, we spent the weekend prepping for the cold days ahead and DIY. Ah, middle age…

Oh, but I did make Nutella Aero! That counts for something, right?

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