Just Like Christmas

Travel right now does seem like a bad idea, and maybe we’re being a little irresponsible, but it appears that my family made it onto a plane this morning to escape Plague Island and they’re on their way here for a different type of Christmas. And, I guess, a different type of American holiday, where we mainly Remain Indoors and go through my stash of LFTs. I swear, when they become reimbursable next month (whyyyyy so long???), I’m going to start buying 10-packs.

Anyway, the house is mostly ready for them — I find it amusing that I have relegated myself to the smallest bedroom and I will be again the only person in the house without a TV in their room. Just Like Christmas indeed. Plus it’s also full of cardboard boxes and an old mattress, so expect to see me on Duvet Know It’s Christmas later in the week.

I also started on the Christmas viewing! Yes, Knowing Me, Knowing Yule, but can you also believe I watched two films on Friday night, and they were both released in 2021? Amazing scenes. Admittedly, Giddy Stratospheres is set in the 2000s and Last Night In Soho has a large 60s element, but still, for me? I have never been so up-to-date!

(Giddy Stratospheres made me miss The Luminaire a lot. Just look at this:

Lucky Soul

Such a great little venue. And of course, it’s now a bunch of tiny little flats. God, how depressing they look)

Steel yourselves for more dessert pictures over the next week. The holidays are coming…