Books Read in 2021


The Deep Roads — M. John Harrison
All Systems Red — Martha Wells
Light — M. John Harrison
Nova Swing — M. John Harrison
Empty Space — M. John Harrison
Pinochet in Piccadilly — Andy Beckett
This Is Memorial Device — David Keenan


You Should Come With Me Now — M. John Harrison
Artificial Condition — Martha Wells
Cold Hand in Mine — Robert Aickman
Comedy Rules — Jonathan Lynn
Xstabeth — David Keenan


Red Metropolis — Owen Hatherley
Dark Entries — Robert Aickman
Rogue Protocol — Martha Wells
Travel Arrangements — John M. Harrison
The Evidence — Christopher Priest
The Horus Heresy: Titandeath — Guy Haley
The Buried Dagger — James Swallow
We Are Made of Diamond Stuff — Isabel Waidner


Consider Phlebas — Iain Banks
The Unsettled Dust — Robert Aickman
The Earth Wire — Joel Lane
Exit Strategy — Martha Wells
The Pastel City — M. John Harrison


A Storm of Wings — M. John Harrison
Reckless, Book One — Ed Brubaker
The Wine-Dark Sea — Robert Aickman
Scar City — Joel Lane
Paint Your Town Red — Matthew Brown
Network Effect — Martha Wells
The Pre-war House and Other Stories — Alison Moore
In Viriconium — M. John Harrison


The Decagon House Murders — Yukito Ayatsuji
Viriconium — M. John Harrison
Fugitive Telemetry — Martha Wells
Worlds from the Word's End — Joanna Walsh
Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances — Owen Hatherley
The Fight for Manod — Raymond Williams


Attrib. and Other Stories — Eley Williams
Exit Management — Naomi Booth
The Cosy Room — Arthur Machen
Vampires in the Lemon Grove — Karen Russell


Tokyo Redux — David Peace
Wireless — Charles Stross
Bad Penny Blues — Cathi Unsworth
Crudo — Olivia Laing
Thirteen Storeys — Jonathan Sims


The Liar's Dictionary — Eley Williams
Comma — Various
Signs of Life — M. John Harrison
All You Need Is Dynamite — Dave Haslam
Fast Lanes — Jayne Anne Phillips
Valley of Genius — Adam Fisher
The Angry Brigade — Gordon Carr


Searching For Love: Courtney Love in Liverpool — Dave Haslam
Pond — Claire-Louise Bennett
And Away… — Bob Mortimer
The Course of the Heart — M. John Harrison
Destroy All Monsters: a Reckless Book — Ed Brubaker
Sandfuture — Justin Beal
Silverview — John le Carré
Nincompoopolis — Douglas Murphy
The Country Will Bring Us No Peace — Matthieu Simard


Break it Down — Lydia Davis
Climbers — M. John Harrison
The Lost District — Joel Lane
The Magic Box — Rob Young
Neuromancer — William Gibson
Boy Parts — Eliza Clark


Agent Running in the Field — John le Carré
The End of Innocence — Simon Garfield
The New Uncanny — Various
Luster — Raven Leilani
Daring to Hope — Sheila Rowbotham