And now, The Quiz Broadcast

A little light viewing.

Yes, I am doing absolutely fine, why do you ask? Honestly, I think it was the tornado warning on Thursday night that finally sent me over the edge as myself and the cat sheltered in a small wood-lined room in the basement with over 250 Transformers. All I’m saying is I want a refund on my 2020.

But! In good (or at least better news), I am 100,000 bells in debt to that capitalist oppressor raccoon. We never learn, and Nook lures us to a remote area where he controls the only means of ingress or egress, and the entire money supply. I really want an Animal Crossing update where you can finally depose him. In the meantime, I will continue to dig up seashells to slowly pay off that mortgage. At which point he’ll ‘accidentally’ upgrade the house and put me under for 500k.

So it’s mainly been a week of staring at code and slowly making it work again, cursing at that damn Nook, re-discovering the Ghost Box record label, playing board games, reading, and baking. Not too bad, considering.

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First go with the just-discovered proofing option in my microwave. Not bad!

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Discovering that my wall oven has a “proofing” mode is going to come in quite handy, I believe. As will the accidental stockpiling of flour in the post-Thanksgiving sales.

And tomorrow, I get to be ‘down with my fellow youths’ and use Houseparty for the first time. I am too old for a new social network (to this day, I still don’t really understand how SnapChat is supposed to work). But this way everybody back home gets to be online in an attempt to recreate Sunday at Granny’s house…when you can’t be there physically…