I Only Remember The Bits With Liz

Well, I finally caved to reality this weekend and cancelled the flight to Japan. Re-scheduling may end up being somewhat difficult, even putting aside the pandemic, so it’s not looking likely that we will get to Japan this year after all. Bit of a disappointment, but hopefully there will be other times to come!

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Being a hipster and going for soda bread instead of everybody else’s sourdough experiments!

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Meanwhile, I have joined the baking hordes. But I refuse to waste my precious flour reserves by throwing out a sizeable amount of it to begin a sourdough starter. Instead, soda bread! I was planning on doing a full Ulster Fry…but isolation makes you somewhat less inclined to do an actual production for lunch or dinner. Just Enough Is Fine.

Having said all that, I’m already making plans for something fun at Easter now that I’m going to…well, probably still confined to the house if we’re being honest with ourselves. More details as the plans come together! But you can guess that it’s going to involve chocolate somehow. Not much of a surprise there.

We also re-watched Billy Liar this week. I last watched it back in 2005, which seems to have meant that I completely forgot all the scenes in the film that don’t have Julie Christie in and show Billy to be entirely hateful. Or that Rodney Bewes was in it, basically playing Bob from The Likely Lads. It was definitely less charming than I remember, and I think spending the past 15 years with The Long Blondes’ Giddy Stratospheres made me think there was a touch more to the Liz scenes than are actually present in the film. Still, we’ll move onto Kes next week in my continuing season of “it’s grim up North”. Or maybe Panda’s Fen for something a little more weird.

Right, another week of staying home awaits! rushes and sits down