Enough Pre-2000s UK TV To Tide Me Over

On the bright side, I got a surprise day off on Friday. On the downside, our upcoming trip to Japan is cancelled and my family is apparently no longer welcome in this country for the foreseeable future. Although given the absolute disaster that was penning thousands of potential COVID-19 carriers into an enclosed space with non-carriers for upwards of ten hours in airports, it’s probably for the best. Classic Miller and Kushner joint, that.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for a long hermitage. Which means I’m just carrying on as normal, obviously. It’s okay; I have a huge quantity of rice, soy sauce, and the complete set of The Sweeney (all episodes and the films). There’s an emergency backup of Inspector Morse and all of You Rang, M’Lord?. If I have to break out Hi-De-Hi, you know it’s got bad. Though I am now wondering if now is a good idea to download all of Taggart. You know, just in case.

I am of course, one of the luckiest ones. I already work from home, I can get almost everything delivered to my house from Amazon, and there’s a cat that demands attention every so often. Some I know are going to be in a situation where they’re exposed to danger every day and that…well, let’s just say I’ve upped my Ambien taking this week. Oh, also Lent is cancelled and I have cask-strength Irish whiskey for Tuesday. And Wednesday and Thursday if needed. We’re all just trying to get to next Friday, when Animal Crossing is finally released on the Switch and we can all start building houses in our villages. WE SHALL RISE AGAINST NOOK!