Warm Floors And Ready For Isolation

He Will Kill Us All Just keeps popping into my head. Can’t imagine why.

Anyway, as the world closes in, I have finally sorted out the insulation in the house. It no longer feels quite as cold in the bedroom as it normally does during Winter. And as a bonus, they sealed up every inset light in the ceiling!

(there’s…a lot of them. Which might be a reason why I like this house so much in comparison to every other house I’ve lived in here; actual overhead lighting. I don’t know why the Americans are so adverse to it)

I don’t know who needs to know it, but there’s a restaurant in Florence that serves a plantain sandwich. It is not, as you might expect, plantains in bread. The plantains are the bread mind explodes. It almost made up for one of our favourite Korean BBQ places in the area closing.

Oh, and after a delay of about two months (partly due to travelling, but mainly due to living in some state of denial about it), I finally got the blood work done and the doctor is putting in for a prescription for Humira. Which I will have to inject into myself once a fortnight. I’m looking forward to it! Honest!