XML-RPC is very cool.

XML-RPC is very cool. I always like it when I stumble across new things on the Internet, so this week has been very entertaining. I never knew that blogging was soinvolved

Could it be?

Could it be? After all this time, is Ogg Vorbis 1.0 finally here? Well, almost.

Went to London today.

Went to London today. We didn’t really seem to do a lot, apart from have lunch and go to a few shops, but it was a fun day out. Play.com received a sizable order from me on the basis of yesterday’s downloads (it’s for research. Honest). I’m currently trying to find a few tracks from Beth Orton’s new album, Daybreaker. The demise of AudioGalaxy has made it harder for me to get hold of albums before they’re released. I’m chasing down some links on Gnutella at the moment…

More Money to the RIAA

I should really stop downloading music. Not only am I continuing to kill the music industry, but it’s making the list of CDs I have to buy rather large, considering that I have nowhere to put them at the moment…


And yes, mozBlog does make it far too easy to do this sort of thing, in case you were wondering ;-).

Sale of The Century

Attached her to a lie detector

More RIAA gubbins

Janis Ian tears the RIAA’s arguments to pieces.

Excitement at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill - how do the news wires cope?

The things you learn. Look

The things you learn. Look ma! It’s a TLA.

Because I like alternatives. 

Because I like alternatives