Surprisingly sturdy

They may look flimsy, but after having one bounce on my foot, I can assure you that Visors are quite solid.

Does anybody else sometimes have difficulty reading certain Region 2 DVDs in a Panasonic SR-8585 DVD-ROM drive? My copies of My Fair Lady, Butch Cassidy, and certain West Wing discs don’t like playing, and cause the drive to make weird clicking noises.

Floss talks about the gradual decline of Lauren Laverne. I have to agree with everything he’s saying - I made a concerted effort to listen to her Saturday show on Xfm, but it’s horrible. Nothing like her stand-in performances on the Evening Session a few years back. It’s going to get worse before it gets better as well, seeing as she starts the new Channel 5 Pop! programme this week. Someone needs to lock her in a recording studio…

Not that anybody cares about my opinion, but I’d like to join in the growing chorus of approval on Mozilla’s tabbed browsing features. Contary to mpt’s complaining, I find them intuitive and extremely helpful in organising my browsing sessions. Last night, for example, I had two Mozilla windows, one reading a Slashdot discussion about good books for Computer Scientists and the links I followed from that article, and the other viewing some updated weblogs. If I was letting the window manager handle things, I would have had over twenty windows on-screen. This would create a hideous and hard-to-navigate clutter on my desktop - the tabs make it a breeze.

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