Crunch Crunch Crunch

This week has been mostly comprised of working, interspersed with blazing rows with Sanders supporters where I got called all sorts of names for insisting incompetence over conspiracy and that their candidate, whilst not having a resounding win, has ended up in a rather commanding position going into Super Tuesday. I was called centrist scum many times.. It’s a fun primary season, let me tell you.

What else? Not much, to be honest! It snowed, I re-discovered the problem of opening a 25-year-old bottle of bourbon and thanked my past self for buying a superbag for straining services (the issue is that the cork will have almost certainly dried out over the years, so when you try to open it, the cork disintegrates and falls into the bourbon. Fun times!), and I discovered Earthrise Transformers in Northern Kentucky. Oh! And the Year of Pain Au Chocolat continues with my second batch of the year. I’ve bought enough chocolate batons for about 180 croissants, so…there’s going to be some baking…

All in all, I’m just very tired.