But Let's Talk About You For A Minute

Have you ever felt that while you’ve loved an artist’s output so very much and that they’ve been a massive part of your life, you’d be willing to give all that up so that they’d be okay? In something akin to a very special British indie-pop episode of Quantum Leap?

I condescend a smile and wink directly at the camera

Three songs. England Made Me.

Off to San Francisco again on Tuesday. Planes and deep learning. I’m hoping that I’ll have a bit more time for the latter in March. I am slowly getting my evenings and weekends back, so that seems positive at least. I even did a little fiction writing this week. And made chocolates! Which does make the week sound a lot more exciting than it actually was. Rest assured, I’m currently watching a Channel 4 documentary from the previous century, so some things haven’t changed.

Oh, and to prove that the house can still surprise me after having it for two years (aside from the slightly worrying cracks in the ceiling): I discovered this weekend that one of the ovens has a proofing mode. I have been making all the baked goods here for two years without knowing this!!