The Palindrome Day Post

Picard s01e02 review: Irish Romulans are the best

“Come on love, where’s your flag?”

Things you think about on another rewatch: how much the opening sequence of That’ll Be The Day resembles the start of The Invisibles, albeit without beings from outside time and space wanting to subjugate humanity and copious ultraviolence.

“You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

Did I mention that I have two competing desires? One to write a sitcom about Ibiza where the plots for the first series are simply lifted from the first series of Hi-Di-Hi, and the second is a completely straight version of Hi-Di-Hi crossed with David Peace. This is what almost ten years of living away from Britain does to you. And perhaps this weekend more than most.

“Babycham and a packet of crisps”

Also embarrassing: did I buy my navy coat before I saw Essex wear it in Stardust or after? I’m fairly sure it was before, but after all this time, I can’t really remember.

I am…better? My nose is still clogged, but maybe, just maybe, January is gone and I might be well again. Probably best not to jinx it though. Just enough to do my taxes and not pass out. Baby steps.

It appears that I’ve now lived in the area long enough that I can have an emotional reaction to a shop closure. This is my local Kroger! Affectionately known as the ‘little Kroger’…and it’s going the same way as the ‘little Tesco’ in Bicester. Though probably won’t return asa a B&M that feels half the size of the old shop. Still don’t know quite how they manage that. Anyway, it won’t affect me much, but that’s because I’m lucky and I own a car. Walmart is 1.5 miles away, and the shiny new Kroger that’s probably helping this one to close is probably about 3. Not great at all.