And Now Sickness

If you fly on four planes in three days, then you’re going to get sick. It’s an iron law. And all your crowing about how you managed to fit all your clothes into one backpack will not save you. So anyway…I went to Chapel Hill, I went to Raleigh, I went back to the airport, and I came home to find my cat sitting in my chair, looking at me as if to say “Well, what time do you call this? Also, I believe you’ll be giving me all the treats shortly. Or else.”

However, the week wasn’t a total loss, as I finally got confirmation that I really wasn’t dreaming this version of Regulate:

(insert a general diatribe about how American versions of pop culture history have infested and supplanted actual histories in other countries)

Right, I’m off to find some Lemsip. See you back here next week…