Calm Before The Storm

It snowed!

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Bit of a holding week this time around. We’ve finalized the dessert menu for Thanksgiving at fourteen different items (thirteen would have been unlikely, of course!), and next weekend, the baking begins in earnest! Madness!

Meanwhile, it has been a weekend of IKEA, watching Peter Egan shoot himself in the head, a young naked Richard E. Grant playing the flute, and grimy 1970s bars. I pick the best BBC dramas. Oh! I may have also broken the curse of Jubilee by making Tammy watch 24 Hour Party People. Not that it’s a classic…but, it is not something that makes you want to claw your own eyes out by the second reel. I’m getting better! Next…O Lucky Man! Hahaha, no.

(one issue with 24HPP that I didn’t really think about is that so much of the film only works if you know New Order, The Fall, Happy Mondays, Wilson, Alan Partridge, Factory…and…well, Britain in the 80s and 90s. Which is a bit of a tall order for somebody who doesn’t)