Chest Freezers and Other Stories

Perhaps a major middle class weekend.

Firstly, I have reached the Galaxy Brain level of consultant tech travel. When I first started working in America, I got laughed at for bringing a massive checked bag (though I feel I had the last laugh, seeing as how I ended up there for…five months?), but eventually I transitioned to bringing one of those bags that you try to stuff in the overhead compartment while everybody looks on with you with contempt. Look, I still check it about 70% of the time, okay? But this week, I’m going to Raleigh for two days, with a side trip to Chapel Hill for IP3. No big bag. No American Airlines-branded carry-on. Just my backpack and me. Adventures!

Secondly, I’m getting a chest freezer next week! Exciting, I know, but every growing family needs more freezer space. Oh, yes, I live alone. A fair point, but I need the space for my annual “how many desserts is it actually possible to make in 48hrs hours?” event, or what Americans call Thanksgiving. Anyway, I have grown a touch fed-up of having the bottom freezer compartment so full that if you close it at the wrong angle, half of what’s on the top falls behind the bottom section. So chest freezer it is!

And finally, a portable induction hob1! Perfect to add to the kitchen during the Thanksgiving madness, and an experiment to see whether it might be a more appropriate choice rather than my current thought of adding in gas burners. I know, I know.

Come back next week for…probably hilarious adventures as I attempt to actually get a chest freezer through a door…

  1. Note to family, I know this is technically a Christmas Zone violation, but I need it for Thanksgiving…so… [return]