Top surprise of this week goes out to the Surprise Skunk that apparently hangs outside my house late at night. Not something I’ve normally noticed, but when you walk dogs in the evening, it might show up! Incredibly bushy-tailed, though I’ll confess that we ran inside rather than getting a closer look or a decent photo. The dogs…the dogs ignored it, like they’ve also done with every fox sighting so far. Terrible protectors!

(with Tammy’s family away in Sweden at the moment, I’m looking after her dogs on days when she has to work late or drive around Cincinnati searching for things for Top Secret Project. Helvetica is not amused)

Otherwise, a different but not hugely eventful week, mostly containing fighting classpaths, JWT permissions, finishing off final edits to the book, and generally just being around the house. Nothing too exciting but not bad, either. I do have to start preparing for the family visit, though! Two weeks today and then Helvetica will be stuffed full of cat treats!

I wrote all the above before waking up on Sunday and finding out that there had been another mass shooting while I had slept, this time under an hour away from Cincinnati. And I’m going to be honest: I almost didn’t go to the Pride event a few weeks ago because it was on my mind. Crowds and celebrations make me nervous in this country in a way that they just don’t back home. Especially when it’s a group of people that white supremacists would enjoy shooting up. But apparently the Second Amendment is a straitjacket that must be protected above all costs.

(in the end, my Sunday turned out quite well, with adventures over town and Yorkshire puddings made with Nuvola flour, but it’s a bleak cloud that hangs over everybody every day…)