Thanos Gets All The Four Roses Recipes

The oddest thing about this weekend was having nothing to do. It may have been the first weekend since…April?, where I wasn’t either writing or not at home. It was rather strange to find myself sitting down at 14:00 and thinking well, what now?. And like any 40-year-old, I went to Target and bought command hooks to re-hang frames. But I held them down for forty seconds instead of thirty, so I’m rebelling in my own way.

I did complete one 2019 milestone this week!

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Yes, that’s all ten Four Roses recipes in barrel-strength Private Selections. The last three were a pain to obtain, I’m telling you. But all complete now and just waiting for Thea to make a return visit to the area for an in-depth taste-test. 2020’s bourbon goal? Try not to drink it all during the upcoming election season for a start, I guess.

Anyway, the house is slowly getting in shape for more inhabitants next weekend. Can’t do too much about the carpet and concrete carnage downstairs at the moment, but it’s presentable at least. Helvetica is looking forward to having The Treat Family visit as well.

I’m now going to go outside to pull up weeds. WEEKEND REBELLION STARTS HERE!