On The Town

First things first! My book is now up on early access on Safari! Right now you can see my original diagrams before they’re replaced with ones that don’t look like they were drawn by a five-year-old. I’m in the last push on final edits, but it looks like it’ll be on its way to the printers in August.

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Celebrating the book release!

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To celebrate, I had my second visit to the Newberry Bros. Coffee & Prohibition Bar, and, I think the first ever time I’ve gone to a bar by myself. One of those times where a British accent comes in handy; admittedly it was a quiet night, but i got introduced to everybody, had to explain the idiosyncrasies of Yorkshire and Black pudding, and how everybody laughed when I just put my head in my hands when I was asked about Boris. And the selection there is still amazing. I don’t know anywhere else in the area where you can go in an order a pour of 90s-era Wild Turkey. Or anywhere outside of maybe The Office or Jack Rose. All this in a small neighbourhood bar!

With it being in Kentucky, they also have bottles of hard-to-find and rare bourbons for sale. If you get lucky, you can walk out with something that’s almost impossible to obtain. Which is how I ended up with a bottle of O.K.I. that I’ve been trying to find for almost two years now. Apparently their distributor found a case in the back of a warehouse and knew they’d find a home at the bar. Almost everybody at the bar walked out with a bottle.

Anyway, a fun Friday night! I will now return to cursing at Kubernetes and Docker.