Last Minute San Francisco

You’d think with all the travelling I’ve done this week, I’d have some good stories. But, not really? Two days of work and the hotel was about five minutes away from the office, so I didn’t really have much of a reason to venture anywhere. Although the hotel did have some weird ideas of how to lay out a floor that veered on the realms of breaking Euclidean Geometry, and I’ve now been to Elixir enough times that I have a conversation with the bar owner about how new craft distilleries will survive now that MGP distillate seems to be thin on the ground. Good times!

So that was San Francisco. And it rained. But I guess in February, it’ll give me something of a respite from the inevitable deep snow in Ohio? Maybe?

Anyway, having got back to Cincinnati, I managed to get to the Newport Prohibition Bourbon Bar this weekend. I discovered that it existed almost two years ago, but a combination of it being over the river and opening hours that make Allen & Son1 look positively welcoming has made it difficult to plan a visit. But finally, just before running out the clock on 2018, we made the arduous trip across the Ohio River.

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And my goodness. Elixir is impressive. This is something else. It’s not very big, but there are bottles everywhere. Including crazy things like 1970s and 1980s bottles of Wild Turkey just hanging out. And they sell bottles too — barrel picks and things that are rather hard to obtain in the area.

Obviously, I will have to go back.

On the festive update, I will say that a healthy diet of Slade has helped up the festive levels considerably. Thank you, Sir Noddy of Holder!