Subtweeting My Current Status

It’s been an eventful few days, but somewhat amusingly after last week, I don’t think I can spill all the beans just yet. Not until everything is official, anyhow.

Unfortunately, that again leaves me with a somewhat barren week. Let’s check in on the state of my bourbon habit a couple of months after visiting Louisville for the first time.

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Eeep. What’s more, I’ve gone deep enough into the weeds that I can tell you why Jack Daniels isn’t called bourbon (but could be if they wanted to call it that), the different strains of yeast that Four Roses use, and a good smattering of the companies that use MGP whiskey instead of distilling their own.

The good news is that I’ve already gone past the ‘Pokémon phase’. You aren’t going to get them all, even with infinite money and time. I tried to track down a bottle of New Riff’s OKI 10 or 12 year release, but as soon as the prices came back over $100, I happily closed the browser window and instead bought a crazy amount of Heaven Hill Green Label 6-Year for $25. Which will probably last me for years. And if I really want OKI for some reason? Well, most of the bars in the area still have stocks for now.

So, don’t worry; you won’t find me spending over $1,000 for an incredibly over-priced (and over-rated) bottle of Pappy Van Winkle. But I am about to move onto the crazy step: blending. What crazy things can I get up to with a Vitamix and ample supplies? We’ll see…