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I'm thinking…

…that maybe reading this on the plane to RDU wouldn’t be the best idea…

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You fools!


(off to grab a machine gun for our inevitable dark future…)

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Oh Captain, My Captain

I didn’t talk too much last week about Civil War, Frontline, and Mark Millar’s continued insistence that ‘the right side won’ in the recent Marvel crossover. Personally, I think that Millar’s lying through his teeth; on the side of ‘right’ is somebody who’s an arms dealer, who has lied about his identity, faked his death, disabled SHIELD technology, allowed super-villains to escape from a secure prison, mindwiped the world, and, oh, yes, while under the influence of Immortus killed two people allied to the Avengers. On the side of ‘wrong’ is the guy who punched Hitler in the jaw.

In Frontline, we’re told that the reason that Cap’s side was in the wrong was because he doesn’t know about MySpace (yes, really), and is thus out of touch with America. In the same issue, it’s revealed that Iron Man was behind the Atlantean assassination, has been dabbling with insider-trading to bolster his fortune, and, yes, well, there’s the matter of assembling a superhero group with The Green Goblin and Venom on it.

So I don’t believe Millar. What I do think is that they’re saying all this right now in order to make the fans look forward to this year’s World War Hulk and hope that the Hulk trashes Stark’s little tin body (Iron Man and a few other heroes sent Hulk into space last year to protect Earth. Unfortunately, he conquers the planet that he lands on, and is currently on his way back…).

This all brings us to today’s news and the publication of Captain America #25. Is Cap dead? I think not, given all the technology in the MU. What it does do is get him out of the way for a little while so he can talk Hulk down after he’s wrecked half of the planet. Unless the good Captain gets addicted to MySpace, of course…

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Reasons To Slap Bono, 1,2,3

With the news that (RED) has failed to pull in half of what Comic Relief takes on one night over the period of a year, coupled with spending five times as much as raised on advertising the charity brand, can we please call a moratorium on St. Bono? (RED) has, to me, always sent out the wrong message: “CONSUME! and help Africa…”. Rather than buying luxury goods from Gap and Apple made in sweatshop conditions, and feel good about the tiny slice of profit that goes from the companies to (RED), surely it’s better to donate yourself directly?

Hopefully, Mr. Vox’s star will dim alongside Bush’s and Blair’s…

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This Is A Speculation Thread

We’re less than a month away from the new series of Doctor Who…so! What’s going to happen? An invasion from Life On Mars? Flapper Daleks? RTD to pen an episode that spends its whole length trying to resolve the various different continuities of Gallifrey? A special all-claymation episode? Let’s speculate wildly!

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The Acceptable Face And Voice Of American Conservatism!

Ann Coulter is full of class, isn’t she?

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To My Friends Who Know About These Things

Surely, a MMORPG version of 40K is going to be, well, rather dull? Spend your time in a space freighter before being used as cannon fodder! Carve prayer runes into your bolter! Be a Tyranid…oh. Surely the appeal of the 40K universe (such as it is; I’m not really much of a fan myself) is the staging of enormous battles, with huge quantities of troops on all sides?

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This Is Sarah Nixey Talking

I mean, she always sounds likes she’s wiping a knife clean of blood whilst drinking a cup of Earl Grey, but that’s part of her charm…

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Oh My Goodness


Also: James Cameron. Didn’t you watch the start of Titanic?! Remember what happened to Geraldo!

Penelope Cruz has killed every ostrich in California for her dress.

Why must The Winslet be spoiled by Gervais? Why? WHYYY?

Leo’s long sulk is over! He’s king of the world! Or something. I am on very little sleep, I warn you.

PETER BAYHNAM ALL OVER ABC! Take that, Lee, Herring, and the Armistice!

ATTACK OF TEH CUET! The kids are soooooo sweet. BUT! IT’S HAPPINESS, CHILD!

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