And yes, mozBlog does make it far too easy to do this sort of thing, in case you were wondering ;-).

Sale of The Century

Attached her to a lie detector

More RIAA gubbins

Janis Ian tears the RIAA’s arguments to pieces.

Excitement at Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill - how do the news wires cope?

The things you learn. Look

The things you learn. Look ma! It’s a TLA.

Because I like alternatives. 

Because I like alternatives


As I was saying, before Blogger disappeared, I’ve removed the OpenJournal system we were using, and started an account on Blogger. I’m sort of regretting that at this precise moment, but we’ll see just how stable the Blogger server is before I do anything drastic…



Oh yes, I forgot. We

Oh yes, I forgot. We now have a comment system. I don’t really know how well it works, so give it a try, and scream at us if it goes horribly wrong.

Pity Peter Stone isn't on it...

Singing In The Rain has a Stanley Donen commentary. YAY!