But Does Anybody Else Have 17 Reasons Why?

Oooh, somewhere, a Flossie fumes…

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Still Using Magnets, Though!

BRIO trains re-imagined as the information superhighway. It can only end in tears.

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Welcome To Catch-22

Because Khan "was detained by CIA in this program, he may have come into possession of information, including locations of detention, conditions of detention, and alternative interrogation techniques that is classified at the TOP SECRET//SCI level"

The sad thing is that, no matter what happens on Tuesday, this will still continue for the next few years…

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And Now, An Interlude.

Before the politics overwhelms the blog for the next couple of days, I’ve posted a brief tutorial on fun ink-jet transfers over at my Flickr page. Inky fingers ahoy!

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Family's Home!


Of course, now I can’t listen to my whiny women music collection…

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Yeah, Well, If You Were Like This Two Years Ago, Perhaps…

"If anyone thinks a veteran would criticize the more than 140,000 heroes serving in Iraq and not the president who got us stuck there, they're crazy. This is the classic G.O.P. playbook. I'm sick and tired of these despicable Republican attacks that always seem to come from those who never can be found to serve in war, but love to attack those who did.

I'm not going to be lectured by a stuffed suit White House mouthpiece standing behind a podium, or doughy Rush Limbaugh, who no doubt today will take a break from belittling Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's disease to start lying about me just as they have lied about Iraq . It disgusts me that these Republican hacks, who have never worn the uniform of our country lie and distort so blatantly and carelessly about those who have.

The people who owe our troops an apology are George W. Bush and Dick Cheney who misled America into war and have given us a Katrina foreign policy that has betrayed our ideals, killed and maimed our soldiers, and widened the terrorist threat instead of defeating it. These Republicans are afraid to debate veterans who live and breathe the concerns of our troops, not the empty slogans of an Administration that sent our brave troops to war without body armor.

Bottom line, these Republicans want to debate straw men because they're afraid to debate real men. And this time it won't work because we're going to stay in their face with the truth and deny them even a sliver of light for their distortions. No Democrat will be bullied by an administration that has a cut and run policy in Afghanistan and a stand still and lose strategy in Iraq .

That’ll be John Kerry.

The elections are one week from today. Exciting, I know.

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Amazingly, Staggeringly, And Yet Somewhat Unsurprisingly…

Luke Haines Still Hates You.

(and, out of interest, has Q been subjected to a fiendish time-loop device? Surely it’s ten years since it’s been even fathomable for Oasis to even be nominated?)

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Land of The Free

One of the good things about living in Britain is that we always get to smile a little condescendingly whenever Congress decides that it’s time to try and outlaw flag-burning. We chuckle at the silly Americans, knowing that our politicians would never do something as stupid as that.


Obviously, we have an unreported flag-burning epidemic in Britain.

In other, more website-y news, the photolog is moving over to Flickr. Exciting, I know.

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Books From Long Ago

Books From Long Ago

I love these books. They remind me of being little, even if they weren’t in our house then (Sunday afternoons at granny’s house, that’s the memory).

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Because I'm still off work and getting annoyed with myself for being so. Hopefully, Mr. Doctor will help tomorrow.

But! Three entertainment pieces ingested today. And three mini-reviews!

  • Planetary #26

    Hahahahahahahahaha. No.

  • Seven Soldiers #1

    Simply stunning to look at; definitely one of the most beautifully designed comics I've ever read. However, it has to be said that Grant's attempt to create the comic equivalent of a Rubik's Cube means that it's not as straight-forward and entertaining as it could have been.

  • The Wire: Season 4 Episode 13

    There are few words. And indeed there must only be few, for I risk being battered to death if I reveal the ending of this series. Quite possibly the greatest American TV drama ever made. And if anything, I'm underselling it.

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