Briefly, Raleigh

I was hoping to have a long entry on my Raleigh visit…but it was somewhat restricted to about three blocks of downtown and the airport, so not a lot of interesting things happened. I will say that the Kouign-Amann at Lucettegrace is really good, and unfortunately my memories of Beasley’s are always better than the reality. I even came home a day early, not just because of the disappointments, but not not either.

Sometimes I like to watch 90s documentaries on the Internet just to remember optimism. You may need to click through to fully experience the 90s Channel 4 goodness.

By the end, though, I’m always left with this feeling.


Anyway, I guess a slightly melancholy end to the month, but that possibly has a lot to do with the -17ºC temperature at night…with -21ºC coming this following weekend! 😮🥶

And I just broke a Kitchen-Aid mixing paddle I’ve had for ten years, so it’s going great…