Holding Week

Reasons why I couldn’t sleep Friday night on a postcard to W12 7RJ…all I know is that at 5am, I was strangely cold and hot, could barely open my eyes, and the cat had given up sleeping on my legs sometime around 4am. Not a great night.

Otherwise, a week of not much going on. Work progresses on a bunch of things — Camouflage got a Projected GAN trained for it this weekend, as well as a bunch of decisions about who to contact to give it a signal boost…and I’ve decided prizes? I swear, it’ll make sense in a few months, honest.

Morning After Pill1 is definitely moving along, with my collaborator about a quarter of a way through the first block. Again, all will become clear…and I hope it gets more traction than the Tinker, Tailor piece, which got…almost zero. Still, it’s there now, and it’s something that can just hang out forever, so maybe it’ll be a sleeper. And I am pleased with the detective work at the end anyhow.

Next week is going to be a little different as I’ll be in Raleigh for a large chunk of it. Not really looking forward to dealing with airports again, but I’ll have all the masks and a brace of lateral flow tests. And if you’re in the Triangle and resting this, wondering why I haven’t mentioned this trip; well, it’s a little last-minute, and I don’t really plan on leaving the hotel much. We will be back in May for Hamilton at DPAC, though, so hopefully we see a bunch more of people then.

  1. I forgot that I’m not allowed to name things. The choice of song is for the mood rather than anything else. And a mention of the Oxford railway station makes mysterious noises↩︎