Yellow Lorry, Fused Lorry

In local news…well, we have a bridge. A bridge that is rated ‘functionally obsolete’, has impressively rusted beams spanning its length, and oh, this week a crash between two lorries that started a hazmat fire, resulting in one of them being fused into the road and burning the hell out of the support beams. Did I mention this is essentially the main connector between Cincinnati and Kentucky? And that the incident has closed the Ohio River to water traffic as they’re a little concerned that it might fall down? AMERICA! WE DON’T NEED NO PUBLIC WORKS!

(please, build us a bridge, Joe)

As our Government seems to be spending its entire focus these days denying the reality of ballot counts, rather than, say the extra 150,000 cases/day that the pandemic is generating, we are once again going back into hibernation. Not that I’d been doing much more than going out to the supermarkets anyway, but we’re going to be bears and come out again in the Spring. If bears spent the rest of 2020 in the kitchen making desserts. But! We did have one last hurrah over the weekend; a very socially-distanced picnic in the second-largest cemetery in the United States. Who knew it was a ten minute drive away from my house, eh? Don’t mind me, I’ve only had the house for three years…

Next week, we begin the Thanksgiving preparations! Five different types of pastry dough! 12 different desserts! What could possibly go wrong??