Gritty Beats Trump

When we tell our children the story of 2020, we will tell them of the Endless March, wiping down shopping with disinfectant wipes, and sniffing cinnamon late at night to make sure we still have our sense of smell.

We’ll also tell them of the week in November. The week of Five Tuesdays and when the call finally came down, how the country donned its masks and danced in the streets. The tales of Gritty, the chaos monster that kept us waiting for days and days, then slapped the hammer right down. Because there can only be one Orange Monster.

As you might imagine, I have barely slept at all since Tuesday. Going to bed distraught at the loss of Florida on Tuesday night, up at 4am and getting involved with blistering arguments with die-hard Sanders supporters, then crawling back to bed after realizing that Wisconsin had flipped. The long day after and coming to the conclusion that yes, Pennsylvania was going to flip. It was just a matter of time. And then the waiting. So much waiting until Friday morning when it finally turned blue. The day was then spent yelling at the networks to call it and to step out of the deferential shadow that they’d been under for the past four years.

But maybe Saturday was the right call, as it allowed most of us to just hit the streets and celebrate. We have stepped back from the brink; while we have a lot of work to do, things look so much better now than they did on Tuesday night.

Also, they’re partying all night in DC and he’s in there having to listen to the entire city celebrating his defeat. It’s petty, but after the past four years, I hope they keep him up all night.

Maybe one day, we will also know the complete story of Four Seasons Landscaping. But tonight, we celebrate. Then we try and take the Georgia Senate seats. Just reading Biden’s EO plans for Day 1 is heartening. Imagine what could be done with a Democratic Senate.