Election/Crisis Times Five

In case you were wondering how things are going, I woke up at 5:30am this morning. You might think I woke up because of the clocks going back and everything associated with that, but in fact it was because my brain knew that the final NYT/Siena polls of the election cycle were being released at 5am. So I woke up. Better than any alarm clock.

(they were good polls, Brent)

In other news, oh, I’m sorry, I’ve just been staring at a monitor full of twitter, polling, and campaign news all week. I’ve got a new massive 4K monitor which gives me so much more screen estate to fill with websites of figures, returns, historical comparisons, and it has a second source for picture-in-picture viewing so I can dedicate an eight of the screen to cable news.

You may need to send help.

Hmm, well I guess also this week I learned that my house probably isn’t falling apart (hurrah for structural engineers), and I continued my voyage into Play For Today-land with the folk horror trio of Robin Redbreast, Penda’s Fen, and A Photograph. The moral seems to be “never go to the country, lest you be used to bear a new sacrifical lamb for the village, or find yourself paralysed after drinking ‘country wine’ and be strangled to death whilst still being conscious.” Great times!

And that’s it for now. We now head towards the Great Barrier of November 3rd.