Dessert Insanity

At the time of writing, the dessert count for next week currently stands at 17. Some might cry “lunacy!”, but I’m idly wondering if I can make it an even 20. I cannot be stopped. I probably should be stopped.

However, if nothing else, this weekend has shown me the mystical ways of the induction cooktop. I’ve always been somewhat sceptical. On Saturday, I cooked a sugar solution to 115ºC in under two minutes. So fast that I was completely unprepared and had to scramble to get my hazelnuts out of the oven.1 It’s amazing, and may change my frequency of caramel making up here in the frozen North (it takes over an hour to make a caramel on the electric stovetop I have under normal circumstances).

After the first day of baking, I have pâte sucrée, oreo dough, gingerbread, praline paste, two rounds of croissant dough (two sets of chocolate croissants, but one set will go straight into bread pudding…), toffee with pecan-smoked almonds, a second batch of toffee with a recipe that actually worked, cookie dough, graham cracker-flavoured ice cream…,and tomato-chili jam for the bacon naan rolls we’ll be having for breakfast on Thursday (shamelessly stolen from Dishoom).

I have no non-cooking news. Everything is now baking until the end of Friday. Or until my feet give out again.

  1. For homemade Nutella. Everything is totally over-the-top. Have I mentioned the Black Forest Gateau that I added to the menu a few days ago and now has as many layers as the Heston one? Except they’re all different? [return]