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It occurred to me over the past week that I no longer have any real idea how many times I’ve seen Los Campesinos! Well into double-figures at least. This weekend saw the novelty being upped a notch; not just seeing them, but seeing them twice in 24 hours. I didn’t plan it, but when they announced that they were playing at WestFest the day before their Chicago date…well, why not?

Anyway, both concerts were good, with the welcome return of the audience invasion at The Empty Bottle during ‘Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks’ (in which we gained the admiration of the band for picking that over ‘You! Me! Dancing!’, thus proving that we’re the hardcore fans…I don’t think anybody called out for ‘Tweexcore’, either), and a good sense of energy for a band that’s currently on a short ‘our performance visas are about to expire, so why not?’ tour.

A big shout-out has to go to the couple who, being such big fans of the band, went so method that they started having a fight during ‘Miserabilia’ and continued through four more of the band’s most troubled relationship songs. That takes dedication.

And there was this weird 40-year-old right at the front of Sunday’s concert. Who was that odd person…oh right. Still, thanks to some quick work by Tammy at the end of the night, I have my first-ever setlist. And Tammy also graciously agreed to to swap places with me when the band started setting up after the support act and we realized that I’d be staring at Kim’s crotch for the entire set otherwise. At around 12 centimetres away from her, that would have been rather awkward.

(Tammy also needs a commendation for being ill all over the weekend but still being eager to go to the venues early to get good spots and staying out until 00:30 on a Sunday night. And I promise we’ll be a little more restrained on both those fronts at the Carly Rae Jepsen concert on Friday!)

Now I have to pack for Raleigh whilst ruminating on the alternate-universe Ian depicted in ‘Straight In At 101’…