And Then Courtney Love Said To Me

It occurs to me that this weekend is the 20th anniversary of my second and final visit to Glastonbury. In 1997, I dealt with Somme-like conditions, in 1999, it was mild heatstroke and a vision of Courtney Love appearing in the sky. We even brought the tent back home the second time around…

My optimism about resolving the basement was dealt something of a blow on Monday when they came back to inspect the cracks in the concrete and instead found fault with a major section of the drainage work. On the bright side, it’ll all be eventually fixed, but it does mean that I’m going to be in turmoil down there for a third of the year. Incredibly first-world concerns, I know, but it’s a touch annoying. If a little drier.

This week? Off to Chicago for Los Campesinos! On two nights, because I’m somewhat obsessed. And then off back to Raleigh for a week. And back again to Cincinnati to see Carly Rae Jepsen. A month of concerts and travel! I will then spend the rest of the month barricading myself inside the house and being a good hermit. It’s important! (though I already have plans in store for 2020. My first ever New Order concert!)