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Tonight may be the coldest night I have ever experienced. When I get up tomorrow morning, it will be a cozy -24ºC.1 I am battening down the hatches, getting as many blankets as I can, and thanking the stars that I don’t have to work tomorrow, so there’s no need for me to leave the confines of the cozy bed too early. And I’m not leaving the house until the temperature turns positive again. Though my Diet Coke supplies are becoming dangerously low…

In other news, I finally got down to the cinema to watch Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and my goodness, if it wasn’t just as good as everybody says it was2. What I didn’t appreciate was being asked at the ticket booth if I was 55 or over. Now, admittedly: I was with Tammy and Robert and their children, so that’s an odd combination of adults, and I do need a haircut. But still, ticket booth operator: that’s ice cold.

Expect to see me react to that episode by buying a Porsche and wearing a wig. Or…wearing a blanket over my feet in the morning because they’re cold and taking another ibuprofen for my bad foot whilst shaking my head at a pointless meme a 20-year-old has posted on Facebook. I may need a walking stick to shake while I witter on about how much better things were on USENET3.

We also had a trip to an open house on Saturday. Not that I’m in the market for moving, but one of the area’s Frank Lloyd Wright houses has come up for sale, and it seemed like a fun idea to have a nose around. I’m not sure if now having a much bigger house has coloured my views or anything, but I wasn’t all that impressed. The big communal room with overhanging balcony and plenty of floor to ceiling glass was quite nice, but the kitchen was smaller than Driver’s (and a gas hob with no venting hood seems like an interesting plan), the non-master bedrooms were a touch larger than a Tokyo capsule hotel4, and that wide expanse of glass was only single-glazed, so heating the place is likely a fun adventure. However, the estate agents were very happy to point out that the roof was fine, so it doesn’t have the problem that a Wright house normally has. But yes, oddly not impressed in the slightest.

  1. There’s a small possibility that it was as cold in January 1982, but I can’t find any specific information for Bicester around that time. I don’t remember it, either, but I was only 2 and a bit. [return]
  2. As opposed to “popular new indie comic” which I read this week and was astonished at how much I did not like it. Impressively, the art, the writing, the colouring, even the lettering all bounced off me. [return]
  3. Okay, technically I am too young for USENET stories, but I did spend a lot of my first couple of years with consistent Internet access abusing JANET to read newsgroups. We even created our own alt.* group at one point! Yes, that’s right readers, I’m hardcore enough to have sent USENET control messages. Take that, ticket booth attendant! (I’m not bitter about it.) (Are you sure? — Ed.) [return]
  4. Obviously, still bigger than my bedroom back home. [return]