Further Adventures in Home (and Pet!) Ownership

Water update: all fixed!

Cat update: after a week after her not using the litter trays, I finally took her to the vet. And she did have something wrong with her, but she’s now recovering. Also, you’d be surprised at how loud a cat can scream. I definitely was.

Meanwhile, snow!

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While having odd and somewhat stilted conversations with people the Internet thinks I should talk to, I’ve also read my way through Moffat’s Target novelization of The Day of The Doctor. It’s basically Moffat having his cake, eating it, and then adding two new cakes just for fun. Imagine a YA B.S. Johnson, and you’d be close. And oh, the secrets in Chapter 9…

This week! Waiting for the snow to melt up to the weekend, and then having another major snowstorm on Saturday! I may have to dig my way out at some point.