Thanksgiving, Part 2

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This Thanksgiving was actually quite similar to last Thanksgiving, in that it took place in the same location and involved all the same people as last year. But! Importantly this time around, I had all my cooking equipment. Which meant I was free to go crazy on four desserts and spend most of a day putting together a cocktail from the new Aviary Cookbook. Look, who hasn’t decided to make a black forest gem cake with six different layers? Totally sane!

We also made Ottolenghi’s black miso sticky rice recipe, but paid little attention to quantities. At no point did we ever consider “given that we have roast potatoes, fried chicken, rolls, carrots, corn, and Yorkshire puddings, should we really make almost 1kg of rice?” We made all the rice. And the leftovers currently occupy a large portion of my fridge. But it was pretty good nonetheless…

Anyway, a good few days up here in Ohio. It was nice, after everybody came down with plague, for us all to get together and do some cooking and eating between ourselves. Now, onwards to planning early Christmas adventures1.

  1. Adventures appear to include another trip to San Francisco, the traditional advent calendar, a special order of bourbon gummies, another look at the Aviary Cocktail book, two different boardgames, and lots of stroopwafels. Oh, and Slade. Obviously. [return]