One Year Later

Well, with the postcard I got on Saturday from my old estate agent, it turns out that I’ve owned my current house for a year. I’ve only lived in it for a little over six months, but that’s a slightly different story. And to celebrate, the lights died in the bathroom. Houses are fun! Let’s go shopping!

But I think it has been a good year, and the house is holding up pretty well. I didn’t hate Driver, but there were large sections of the house that were just wasted, other sections that needed to be completely redone, and the kitchen was a total horror until Tammy and I painted over all that terrible knotty pine. Here? The kitchen is massive and full of enough counterspace that I can even do chocolate and pastry work there without breaking a sweat. The bookcases have been relocated all into one room, finally giving me the ROOOOOOOOM OF BOOOOOOKS that I’ve wanted for so long, and I’ve finally managed to clear all the clutter out of my bedroom for the first time in 39 years.

And then there’s the bar. Which is insane, and something that people don’t really believe until they’re actually inside it; for some reason photos can’t convey that, yes, it is about a quarter the size of Slem’s bar, that you could fit upwards of ten people in it without any trouble whatsoever…and that it’s pretty well-stocked, providing you like bourbon.

One year on, and I think I might the right choice, and I’m pretty happy here. In the next few days, I’ll be spending my second Thanksgiving in this house; this time we won’t need to ship in cooking supplies from Tammy and Robert’s house, and we’ll have plenty of chairs, two things lacking from last year’s adventure. But there will be a great group of people here…and I’m keeping things sane on the desserts front. Just five over two days! Totally reasonable!