Painting All The Things

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A new year, and the beginning of a new era where I spend half my time in Durham, and the other half in Cincinnati. Hopefully, this should only last as long as it takes to get Driver ready for sale and all my things moved up north, but at least this week it means I only faced temperatures of -12ºC instead of -20ºC.

As part of fixing the house up, Tammy came down for the New Year and painted the bathroom and the utility room. While I did roll some paint across walls, I just took orders from the person that knew what they were doing. And you can’t argue with results - the main bathroom actually looks like a finished room…which is something it has lacked since 2013. So, hurrah!

Next week Chicago for a day(!), and the first real trip to my new home. Expect fun photos of a new washing machine in your exciting future!