Foot Update!

(you are on tenterhooks, i know)

I had the CT scan! I managed to get lost twice in the hospital car park (once in the car, once on foot, oh, and I lost the car when I tried to find it on my way out, so maybe that’s three times), but I finally got it done. And the results?

Well, I do have a problem with my foot. But operation is not on the agenda yet. Firstly, cortisone injections, but even those aren’t happening until I have another couple of days of problems. I’m told that there’s little danger of permanent damage in the meantime, so at least there’s that!

In other news, 12-hour sous vide caramelized white chocolate ganache is pretty awesome.

In other, other news, I had my first game night at my house! Explaining Suburbia is fun.

Still Ill

(bored now)

After almost passing out on Monday, I had been getting better…until Friday, where I regressed back to how I was on Monday. I can definitely say I’m sick of it now. I suppose I haven’t been helping my mood by spending the last week and a half watching all of The World At War. Nothing quite like twenty-six hours of war to keep your spirits up.

I’m now finishing up a re-watch of Gurren Lagann, which is a much better idea. Still, I would like to emerge from the blankets and the couch at some point…

The World At War

(sick, sick, sick, sick, s’alright, billy cool, phonogram)

I am under blanket with a Lemsip and watching the Russians defend Stalingrad. Feeling a little sorry for myself, it has to be said. The rubbish bins in the house are overflowing with tissues, and the chalkboard to-do list for this weekend looks down and mocks me. Maybe some of those tasks will get done next weekend. Maybe.

This week: Phonogram. In the previous series, I felt something of a connection, due to coming of age in the Britpop era, the shared love of Kenickie, the Dexys bits, the Johnny Boy part, and quoting all The Long Blondes lyrics. Obviously. The first issue of the new series was something else entirely. The Poptimism wars. ILX/CTCL. I actually had a conversation with Kieron back in 2006 which closely resembled one in this issue. Reading it back was an odd experience (I’m sure he had that same exchange with many people, mind you).

I fought on the periphery of the Poptimism wars. Most of my music writing was for Static (and is no longer present in their archives). My crowning achievements were probably talking to Paul Morley, having a record company complain to the editor about one of my reviews of a turgid American rock album, and of course, having my review quoted on the advertisement for Johnny Boy: “Karl Marx with a beat, Girls Aloud with C4 strapped to their chests”.

Right, time for another lemsip and to put on Annie (from Norway).

(No ILX in-jokes here, or you’ll be Suggest Autobahned — Ed.)

Oh, before I go - I recommend that you go watch the Shut Up & Sit Down Gen Con special. Oh, Billy Cool, what you’re gonna do?

Ian Is Always The Spy

(spyfall, funemployed, flick em up, mutant meeples, this hating board games pretense is probably not holding up any more, is it)

Foot updates: A wild new scan appears! Specifically, a CT scan scheduled for the 18th of August. And then maybe cortisone injections! Fun and games.

And after a rather frustrating week, it was indeed fun and games. All the way down to Columbia for a friend’s birthday, ending up playing Funemployed in one of the most hipster places I’ve ever been in (and yes, that includes Durham!!).

Then, on Saturday, a custom version of Spyfall, where I ended up being the spy considerably more than anybody else (I did at least win once, though!).

Firefly is a bit of an enabler. I had been looking at Flick ‘em Up, but couldn’t find it in stock anywhere, and had begun to give up on getting it. But…

High noon. Or 6am.

A photo posted by Ian Pointer (@carsondial) on

Yes. One copy in stock.

Flick ‘em Up, then. Imagine the Wild West combined with Subbuteo. Firing bullets by flicking wooden discs across the table (and then scrambling around trying to find them when you miss by a mile and they fly off said table), one team being the lawmen, the other being the outlaws. It’s a huge amount of fun, and all we played was the first scenario (there’s ten in the mission book, but it feels like it’d be simple to make up extra ones when you’ve gone through all of those, plus a HORSE EXPANSION is coming).

Lots of laughter, deadly accusations of spying, death-dealing wooden discs, and meeples with mutant super powers this weekend. On the latter front, I would enjoy the super powers of being able to not feel pain in my left foot, and the amazing power of sleep. Instead I have the power of envy towards those who can sleep, and an interesting power of locking my foot in place and trying to hobble up stairs. Fun, fun fun.

Finally, this:

Please explain, Columbia.

A photo posted by Ian Pointer (@carsondial) on

I would love to know how that ended up in Columbia, SC…

Chicken and Biscuits

(my sodium citrate brings all the girls to the yard)

Sadly, no pictures of the completed dish tonight, but fried chicken in home-made biscuits with flash-bourbon-pickled green tomatoes and stout cheddar slices turns out to be a great way of spending a Sunday evening (Also, toasted flour shortbread topped with a blackberry parfait and sprinkled with golden syrup honeycomb is a fun way of following it)

In other news, I am so full I can barely move.

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