Autoforwarding Security Credentials In Storm

(HDP2.2, Storm, HBase, HDFS, but not hive unfortunately, security, kerberos, authentication, hadoop, java)

Using Kerberos with Storm is, like most things involving Kerberos, an experience akin to pulling teeth with a pair of tweezers: it hurts and it goes on for a long time. Can you get the keytabs generated and into the right place, and what does that end up meaning for your Storm supervisor nodes? Wouldn’t it be lovely if Storm could simply hand out Hadoop Kerberos credentials to a topology when it is submitted and Everything Just Works™?

Well, if you’re attempting to use HBase or HDFS in your Bolts, then things are looking up for you. You can use the AutoHBase and AutoHDFS classes to do exactly that, and then the only keytab you need worry about is the one on your Nimbus server.


It’s never quite that easy. Mainly, the thing you have to be aware of is this: the class hierarchy of AutoHDFS and AutoHBase have changed in the last few months, so if you’re using a platform like Cloudera, MapR, or HortonWorks, you may find yourself staring at a terminal wondering why on Earth Kerberos isn’t working…and like all things Kerberos, the errors are obtuse and unhelpful.

Anyway, the old hierarchy is:

and the new locations are:

Then, in your topology, update the Config.TOPOLOGY_AUTO_CREDENTIALS with a list of all the credentials it needs access to (in this example, just HDFS, but you could simply add HBase into the autoCreds list and it’ll have access to HBase too:

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {    
    Config cfg = new Config();
    List<String> autoCreds= new ArrayList<String>();
    // Use this hierarchy for an older distribution, e.g. HDP 2.2
    // This is the current hierarchy
    cfg.put(Config.TOPOLOGY_AUTO_CREDENTIALS, autoCreds);
    // [...other topology and config setup...]
    StormSubmitter.submitTopology(TOPOLOGY_NAME, cfg, builder.createTopology());

Then, on your Nimbus server, you need to update your storm.yaml (this example uses the current hierarchy, but you can replace the entries with the old ones and it’ll work if you’re on a non-current version of Storm):

nimbus.autocredential.plugins.classes: [“”, “”] 

nimbus.credential.renewers.classes: [“”, "”]

hdfs.keytab.file: "/path/to/keytab/on/nimbus" 
hdfs.kerberos.principal: "" 
nimbus.credential.renewers.freq.secs : 82800

Restart your Nimbus server, submit your topology and watch Secure HDFS be authenticated without any further Kerberos nightmares! This time, at least. Kerberos is always out there, waiting. Waiting.

Avengers 2 - Getting Too Old For This

(though i’d be up for a version of priest’s black panther)

Avengers: 2, then:

Things I liked:

  • An actual rescue and evacuation of a city area where superpowers came in handy for situations other than hitting things!
  • Grafting Ultron onto Stark makes a good shortcut (having to explain that, no, really, Ant-Man created in the MU made me look slightly silly)

And things that were somewhat less liked:

  • Stark ruins everybody’s day and then saves the day by doing exactly the same thing (I imagine this will crop up again during Civil War, but seems somewhat lazy).
  • After making such a big deal about why Pietro and Wanda really hate Stark, there’s no scene with them just having a general chat about how he supplied arms that killed their parents?
  • Look! We just happened to have this big huge [REDACTED] lying around!

Also, watching the Batman vs. Superman trailer, this kept repeating in my head:

Flex Mentallo

But no, Superman must be grim and gritty! Batman must have that damn exo-suit! Aren’t we just simply tired of the simple politics of Dark Knight Returns by now? Can’t we move on, like Morrison did back in 1997 in JLA?

Hn. Clark.

The Not-So-Strange Death of Liberal England

(sad clegg, now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station)

Oh well, it only took 100 years for them to come back last time…

And Then There Was One

(full house, empty house, all the desserts)

It’s quiet in the house tonight. I’ve had my family visiting for the past week, and the house has been a bustling hive of activity. Curtains have gone up, the door frames have been painted, fences mended, floors screwed down, power points installed front and back, signs put up, wasps eliminated. And there was also time to sit around the television as a family to watch thirteen hours of graphic violence. Oh, and I also saw Sleater-Kinney, who are indeed still awesome, and Turn Me On is every bit as vital when I heard it in 1997.

I am old

To add to the already full house, I then invited lots of friends to come and visit for a picnic (which was moved indoors after the to-be-expected rains were forecast). That involved a day of cooking, four different desserts and three more people sleeping in the house (though, granted, two of them were smaller people. Smaller people who were impressively interested in Transformers. More of this!).

Now, my family are somewhere past New England, ready to enter Canada and head across Greenland over the Atlantic. To home and waiting cats. The house is quieter, but feels as if my family has finally had more involvement with it, leaving their stamp on almost every room in the house, improving things and leaving me with a list of things to improve. Dad was even impressed with my choice of electric screwdriver.

And so, quiet evening on a long sunny Sunday evening. Knowing that I have great friends and family, even if there’s nobody here right now, there will be somebody dropping by before too long has passed.

(also, if you happen to be that person: I HAVE SO MUCH LEFTOVER FOOD AND I WILL MAKE YOU TAKE SOME)




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