Pun Leaderboards!

(eggcellent, very a-peeling, make it stop make it stop make it stop)

It’s been a long week, mostly for reasons I can’t talk about yet (nothing too exciting, just unexpectedly working on something that is currently embargoed), but I have at least just come back from a relaxing weekend where we all died horribly at the hands of an invincible space-cruiser.

(yes, we played Space Cadets again. We’re getting better! This time we got two crystals and died from a warp core breach! Next time, I may even introduce the Jump Drive station to the team…)

I also discovered that Columbia has a better deal on Callebaut chocolate than I’ve ever been able to find on-line, made a birthday cake, used a pizza peel and a steel plate to make pizza, almost drowned in a bowl of bottomless ramen (so good!), and was called upon to explain various bits of Britishness present in Miranda. A good time spent with friends, who just happen to be two interstates away. But! I’ll be back there next week when I go to POSSCON! My car is getting a work-out…

(though the main part of that was explaining who Raymond Blanc is. Oh, and Gary Barlow)

Oh yes, and I inadvertently started a pun competition and a pun leaderboard. I blame the eggsuberance of Easter for that (another point for me!). And then I left, heading back to NC, thinking nothing of the poor people that have to suffer the puns in my wake…

Moving On

(a wild iPhone appears, goodbye boston)

Life as a consultant means you have to get used to saying goodbye to co-workers fairly regularly. And you can never be entirely sure how long that’ll be; I’ve worked on a few contracts in the past that have only lasted a few hours (pre-launch optimizations and the like).

But the last contract has lasted over a year, and I’m sad to say goodbye to everybody up in Boston, though it has been great to leave after finishing a major project which will touch most of the teams working at *mumble mumble* in the upcoming months. Which is something.

I will not miss the flatbreads at the Courtyard Marriott, though. Or the piles of snow all around (still several feet high in places, and it’s almost April!).

The iPhone saga from last week has been resolved with a quick trip to the Apple Store and a shiny new phone. Hurrah!

Crack’d Mirror

(alas poor iPhone, but also pizza)

Firstly, I can sense a lot more pizza in my life in the next few months. I cooked my first New York-style pizza on a steel slate on Friday, and despite deforming one half of the pie due to a lack of a peel, it was the best home-made pizza I’ve ever tasted and came close to the heavenly taste of IP3. There shall be more.

In less happy news, my iPhone now sports a rather shattered look, having fallen foul of a kerb just outside a Walgreens in Durham. Looks like I will have to pay Apple the $80-or-so stupidity tax in the next week or so to get it fixed. It clouded what was at that point a rather nice Saturday. So if you saw a sad panda in the shape of a British person sitting alone outside Pelican’s eating a sno-cone slowly in the afternoon sun today…now you know the rest of the story.

Finally, after a brief foray into 60s British films on YouTube this evening, I’m fairly sure that around 73% of all British films made from 1964-1974 are incredibly suspect. I knew about I Start Counting (which I watched a few years ago for the brutalist architecture and New Town aspects1), but seriously, what possessed people to make Twinky? couldn’t even make it through the title sequence…

  1. Those who know me understand. Or at least tolerate my concrete issues.

Profiling Ruby

(ruby, profiling, flamegraphs)

Last Tuesday, I gave a talk at the Triangle.rb meetup on profiling Ruby applications. Would you like some slides? I thought so!1

  1. A few slides were added from the talk, in particular adding an extra flamegraph example. There may be more to come on this front…

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