A Citizen With 4 Fewer Teeth

I no longer have a green card! Or anything that identifies me as a valid citizen rather than a large, watermarked piece of paper. Which is likely worse…but better, once I get the new passport sorted out. Anyhow, the citizenship ceremony was fairly straightforward, except that our current President still hasn’t got around to recording a welcome message for new citizens, and a complete absence of him from all printed material. Not that most of us minded when we realized.

After a weekend of boardgames, Doctor Who, buying 8 cases of Diet Coke, and a longer-than-expected-dinner-because-reasons, it was Monday and time to celebrate being an American in style: getting my wisdom teeth removed. I have always been hesitant to have them out, due to one of them being apparently close to one of my jaw nerves. But the dentist here seemed very keen on yanking them out, and well, I was getting tired of the infections they kept bringing. I was informed that I have the smallest mouth she’s ever seen…but I was also one of the nicest patients she’s had. So swings and roundabouts there (everybody seems to agree on the small mouth thing…BUT NOBODY EVER SAID THAT TO ME BEFORE! But fine. Sure.).

Thankfully, it was fairly quick and easy to yank them out, but as everybody thought it would be a bad idea for me to be alone afterwards, Tammy drove me all the way back to Kentucky for the week. I spent the 8-hour car ride apologizing every five minutes, so I’m grateful that she didn’t throw me out in West Virginia.

Aside from running a fever on Wednesday and making the well-intentioned mistake of eating pizza yesterday, it hasn’t been too bad. Some pain, but not unbearable, not too much swelling, and the nerve ended up not being a problem. Hurrah! Though I am looking forward to being able to drink Diet Coke and tea again next week.

In the meantime, I am hopped up on ibuprofen, antibiotics, and percocet, whilst doing work and dying over and over on Zelda1. Tomorrow, mostly recovered, I fly home to Durham. Home for now, anyhow…

  1. Buried lede - I have a Switch! Not with the colour of joycons that I wanted, but after looking for…two months for the thing, I decided to get what was available. I am so bad at Zelda, but slightly better at Mario Kart 8. [return]