The Absolute Boy

22:00 BST. When the Exit Poll fell.

Although I didn’t make it explicit last week for fear of jinxing it, the YouGov/Survation polls of last week didn’t just make me hope. Given the completely inept way the Tories ran their campaign, the other polls just seemed wrong - surely we wouldn’t give somebody a 100+ seat majority when they spent six weeks seemingly hiding from the press?

We did not.

And we laughed and laughed and laughed. The Tories achieving an amazing Pyrrhic victory, managing to lose a 25-point lead to a man that just two months ago looked like he was taking Labour to the point of destruction.

But they were wrong.

Along with Macron’s En Marche giving people a trouncing in the French elections, things might be looking up1? Just maybe?

In less globally-important news, my citizenship interview went well, and I will become a US citizen on June 23rd. I will celebrate by having my wisdom teeth taken out on the following Monday. I know how to have a good time, y’know.

And, a good time was had this weekend - a full house with many friends, Tammy and I spending Sunday making cakes, ice creams, other pastry items, and then me abandoning her to cook all the chicken. But: so many people that even the extended table wasn’t enough for everybody. Pools and slip’n’slides as well!

  1. I can, at request, go into lengthy detail why the “Bernie-would-have-won” brigade shouldn’t take this as vindication, but I’ll just leave you here with my précis: Jeremy Corbyn won the Labour leadership twice, the second time with more PLP shenanigans than the DNC committed even in your wildest fever dreams. Come back when you don’t lose by 3 million votes. [return]