Depression Is A Young Man's Game

As we hurtle to our doom on the back of an image messageboard that decided nihilism and (somewhat less than) ironic fascism was how we were going to greet the 21st century, it’s important to remember the good times.

To whit, I spent the past week in Fort Thomas, KY again! There was ramen, cheese, Henry VIII, another opportunity for me to scoff at American Exceptionalism when it comes to comedy, arepas, rather tall platforms with a fun graduated drop in front of them, a constitutional crisis, and the beginnings of a fun new neural network project (hopefully more on that at the end of the month). I even shared my precious ginger cake. Thanks to Tammy and Robert for letting me stay once again.

My next trip? Well, that’s at the end of this month, where I go to see Los Campesinos in Chicago, along with a visit to sample Next’s Roman menu. Fancy!

And now I turn back to Ralph Miliband and old BBC documentaries. Enjoy the Superbowl, everybody!