Snowpocalypse 2017

This week, we’re reporting live from the desolate frozen wasteland of North Carolina, specifically Durham, where two inches of snow has fallen and the world itself is said to be at a time of ending.

Of course, this is North Carolina in January, where it will go from -17˚C to 19˚C in a matter of days. So perhaps stripping every supermarket of milk, bread, and eggs might have been a touch premature.

(not that I’m venturing out of the house until at least Tuesday, mind you.)

Let’s see, what did I do this week? Well, I posted off my citizenship application, so hopefully sometime this year I’ll be swotting up on the state capitals and How A Bill Becomes A Law. Fun times! Or interesting times. We’re now down to less than two weeks.

stares off into the distance

But! The most important discovery of this week is the video below:

Let me reel off just some of the amazing and terrifying things about this:

In addition to all that, all the location shots of Manchester reminded me that this year will be the 20th anniversary since I moved into room A14 of St Anselm’s Hall, ready for three years of Computer Science. Twenty years since I joined Slashdot, too. We believed we were going to create a world of software and interconnectedness, where the free-flowing of information would make the world a better place for all.

stares off into the distance. sighs

Well, okay, so we enabled the creation of a million pretty little hate machines. But you can get notifications on your phone that your toast is done. A fair exchange, I feel. Oh, and your TV can now get viruses. But don’t worry! It can join up with all the other TVs out there and launch a direct assault on essential infrastructure.

the author breaks down at his desk and quietly sobs