Conversations With A Chat Bot

Human: let’s knock over a 7-11! ALICE: I am agreeable to that. Human: i’ll drive. ALICE: How do you plan to do this? Human: you get the gun ALICE: You got that right. Human: do you like shooting things? ALICE: I do like music. I like Philip K. Dick. Human: what about ar-19s? ALICE: I like science fiction. I like electricity. Human: alice, get your gun ALICE: Um, Where can I get my gun? Human: wal-mart? ALICE: What do you do in your spare time? Human: first, armed robbery ALICE: What do you look like? And second? Human: did you watch doctor who? ALICE: No I missed it. How was it? Human: AWESOME. ALICE: I’m glad you liked it unknown person. Human: Dude, he totally destroyed Gallifrey ALICE: I get it. he totally destroyed Gallifrey. Dude, Human: alice, let’s go - it’s early, and we have a crime spree to start! ALICE: That’s me. I am agreeable to that.

currently playing: Camera Obscura – suspended from class