I Don't Believe In Magic / Life Is Automatic

I suppose one good thing about Christopher Eccelston leaving Doctor Who so early is that it wiped Tony Blair’s appearance on a prime-time gameshow off the news. I can’t believe that somebody who spends so little time in Parliament is prepared to demean the office of Prime Minister in that way. Or perhaps I can, and I just really don’t want to believe.

Two songs today, courtesy of You Send It (found elsewhere on the Internet, BPI fans, and they’ll expire within a week). The first is a radio-rip of the new Oasis song, Lyla.

Oasis — Lyla

Listen hard, because, at about fifteen seconds in, you can hear my heart break one more time. Almost as much as this week’s death of Blue Beetle at the hands of Max Lord, the return of Jason Todd from the dead, and his killing of the Joker. Not a great week for joy in the comic and music worlds, then. For this is staggeringly poor; a turgid, sludgy mess that even the Stereophonics would be hesitant to release. Guitars almost completely obliterated by distortion, a horrific end to the chorus that stops the song dead in its tracks (but sadly, keeps going), and lifeless drumming. And, as it’s a post-Morning Glory Oasis record, it sticks in about five unnecessary key changes, and lasts for two minutes after it has warn out its welcome and gone to the toilet in your sink. Never mind the “Paul is Dead Theory”, who stole the Noel Gallagher of Live Forever, Listen Up, and The Masterplan, and replaced him with the pod person that remains?

Lady Sovereign — Random

Luckily, things are looking up. In a grime-type way, most surprisingly. Or possibly proving once again, that if a girl is singing, I’ll probably like it. But this is wonderful in all the ways that the Oasis record isn’t; playful, funny, and inventive. You can dance to it. You can sing along to it. You can giggle at the silly inclusion of door-chimes and playground rhymes. It’s never boring. And thank goodness for that. Lady Sovereign, you’re awesome…

currently playing: Modern English – I’ll Melt With You