Goodbye June

For those of you keeping track, and yes, I realize it’s only me, but this weekend marks the 25th anniversary of when I got mild sunstroke at Glastonbury and Courtney Love appeared to me in a vision across the sky. Telling me to enjoy myself and get some water. And, well, when Courtney Love tells you to do that, you go off and finish listening to the Super Furry Animals with a bottle of water, don’t you?

Anyway, we had a good trip to San Francisco! One of the nicest I’ve ever had, I think. Sunny skies, not too hot or too cold, adventures on all sorts of different public transport, Alcatraz, the piers, Chinatown, an interactive Speakeasy theatre, the Castro, and more besides. Plus despite an extended stay in SFO, which turned into an extended stay at DFW, Maeryn has spent the week getting more and more confident on her feet, leading up to hours of walking around in the SFO play area. Now that we’re home, she’s also trying to run me down with her walker. It won’t be too long before she’s everywhere. eyes the house nervously

I am hopeful that July will see the last few bits of Frequency’s My Universe completed (it all works, it’s just a matter of wrapping it into a bow and uploading it all at this point, but all the packaging bits are going to suck up some time). Which should allow me to get further on Rude Title (which at least has the beginnings of a dataset now!), and I have the training code for Chock-A-Block pretty much worked out. So who knows, maybe it’ll be a summer of tech posts and other surprises?