Maeryn has discovered a cheesy grin, and we may all just explode from the cuteness. Of course, she’s also just discovered climbing, so it’s cuteness and heart attacks as she starts trying to surmount armchairs.

I’m writing this from bed after “a medical procedure” (I’m fine!) while watching Face/Off in glorious 4K1, and realizing that this week is the sixth anniversary of actually moving up north to Cincinnati. Next year, this will be the second-longest I’ve lived anywhere. I still feel I have a lot of Cincinnati to explore, but I feel Maeryn will be helpful in getting me out to all the parks, museums, and zoos2 around the area as she gets a little bigger. There’s actually quite a lot around here on the quiet, and we’ll have a lot of time for exploring!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to disappear to make sausage rolls. What have I become?

  1. Face/Off, of course, being the best of the Nicolas Cage late 90s action films. The canonical order is: Face/Off, The Rock, and Con Air. Now you know — accept no other ordering! ↩︎