Building Machines That Make Machines

This week, I basically implemented an entire RLAIF pipeline that can scale up to thousands of topics, generating scads of synthetic data, all with open-source software and models, and from start to finish of the first 7bn parameter model rolling off the assembly line was four days. And it would have been three if I had had the courage to kick off the training on Wednesday evening instead of Thursday morning. Oh, and it works, too.

It is nice to actually be building things again.

Anyway, we’re now officially into “it is X days until we travel so I will now start making noises about suitcases and packing like an absolute weirdo seeing as how we still have over two weeks until we fly home” season. It is a fun game that I’m sure Maeryn will be absolutely sick of by the time she’s 4. I also need enough space to bring back around 32kg of Cadbury Mini Eggs, so you can see my need for upfront planning. And also a reserve suitcase. We’ll be going to London as well, so maybe I need a Pelican case to cover the eventuality of visiting the booksellers at the South Bank?

By the way, if anybody wants me to bring something back overseas, now is your chance to speak out before the cases get filled with soap for my family back home…