Buggy — Transform!

I’m not saying that the restarting of Stormont was waiting on me getting my Irish passport, but I’m not not saying it either…

I was underselling how sick we were last week, I think. This Tuesday morning, I woke up with the feeling that something bad was inside me (at 2:30am, mind you), and raced to the spare bedroom, not even taking my phone with me. Yes, I was without my phone for almost five hours, to give you an idea of how bad I was that I didn’t want to leave the bed to get it.

And then things are a bit of a blur until late Wednesday, if I’m honest. I’m on the mend now, and the tests swear it wasn’t Covid, but it was not fun. Or fun for Tammy, who isn’t well herself, and Maeryn either. Hopefully by the end of this coming week, though, we’ll all be somewhat better? Please?

As I do recover though, thoughts are turning towards the impending trip to London, and this weekend, we tested out what appears to be a marvel of 21st century baby technology: the gb Pockit+ All-Terrain buggy. It’s a buggy that transforms from a buggy to…well, a small block, but a small block that doesn’t look like it is a buggy, and small enough to be taken on a plane as a carry-on item. Maeryn’s only been in it inside the house so far, but she seemed to enjoy herself immensely - at daycare, her class goes in a massive buggy contraption across the building about once a fortnight, and she loves that too. I worry she’s going to love rollercoasters. I’m not prepared for having to try and stay composed for those. Anyway, the buggy seems to be a hit and will likely be put to good use on the streets of London towards the end of March.

Next week: let’s be well!