Ahead of the Zeitgeist!

Apparently, we accidentally made an East-West mashup with our escape room two years ago - mixing the role-play aspects that Quinns sees here in the Jubensha games with more ‘traditional’ escape puzzles. And it worked pretty well, though our story was a little under-developed due a mad rush to get everything ready to the end. But! We had secret objectives, multiple endings for characters and whatnot, so I feel like we did have something there.1 We were ahead of the curve! Go us! And things.

Otherwise, we’ve all been sick this week. Check again later.

  1. The sequel room, which was somewhat inspired by Meow Wolf, would have been (and still might be) something else. Imagine having a conversation along the lines of “how can we make time-travel work in the basement”, and “sure, I can use Pepper’s Ghost to make the group have a holomatter avatar guiding them”, with a side-helping of cutting-edge AI techniques and…look you’re just all lucky that Maeryn is too young for us to build her an escape room party, that’s all I’m saying. ↩︎